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CHIEF Executive Forum National Working Group
Defining Virtual Care in Canada: A Lexicon and Maturity Model for Providing Healthcare in a Digital World

CHIEF Executive Forum has developed two practical Canadian resources:

  • A national, Virtual Care Maturity Model that will enable organizations, jurisdictions, and institutions to identify where they find themselves on the virtual health journey and what steps they need to take to improve their performance. Download a PDF copy of the Maturity Model here. 
  • An associated Virtual Care Lexicon to provide a foundational, common language for virtual care planning across and between jurisdictions and sectors so that we as Canadians are level-setting on a common terminology in this space and can ensure we are talking about the same concepts.
    Download a PDF copy of the Lexicon here. 

CHIEF Executive Forum is committed to providing these resources as foundational elements for virtual care strategy and planning activity across Canada at the national, jurisdictional, and health system level in the coming months.

Look to CHIEF Executive Forum for more Virtual Care practical tools and education resources coming soon.

Contributor:Alvaro Mestre

Alvaro Mestre

Vice President of Account Management

Canada Health Infoway

Contributor:Anne O’Riordan

Anne O’Riordan

Patient Family Experience Advisor

Kingston Health Sciences Centre

Group Lead, Maturity Model:Gillian Sweeney

Group Lead, Maturity Model:
Gillian Sweeney

VP, Clinical Information Programs and Quality


Contributor:Scott McMillan

Scott McMillan


Cercle Group

Contributor:Maria Muia

Maria Muia

Executive Director, Information Technology & E-Health


Contributor:Kyle Schilke

Kyle Schilke

Worldwide Public Sector, Healthcare, AWS

CHIEF Executive Forum Advisory Committee

Group Lead, Lexicon:Keltie Jamieson

Group Lead, Lexicon:
Keltie Jamieson

Snr. Director, One Person One Record Program, Nova Scotia Health Authority

CHIEF Executive Forum Advisory Committee

Contributor:Dr. Karim Jessa

Dr. Karim Jessa

Chief Medical Information Officer

Hospital for Sick Children

Contributor:Karen Macauley

Karen Macauley

Director. eHealth and IT Services


Contributor:Justin Saindon

Justin Saindon

Senior Project Manager, Digital Health

Southlake Regional Health Centre

Contributor:Dr. Jonathan Choy

Dr. Jonathan Choy

Provincial Medical Director - Virtual Health

Alberta Health Services

Contributor:Jennifer Shiels

Jennifer Shiels

Chief Information Officer

Horizon Health Network

Contributor:Elizabeth Keller

Elizabeth Keller

VP Business Development & Stakeholder Relations, OntarioMD

CHIEF Executive Forum Advisory Committee

Contributor: Dave Wattling

Dave Wattling

CHIEF Executive Forum Advisory Committee

Contributor: Chris Carvalho

Chris Carvalho

Co-Lead Working Groups

Edmonton Health City

Contributor:Dr. Andrea Moser

Dr. Andrea Moser

Chief Medical Officer, Senior Vice President

Emerging Professional support provided by:
Ashely Dinn, Program Manager Telehealth and Registry Integrity Unit, NLCHI
Diana Dini, Patient Portal Specialist, Markham Stouffville Hospital
Helen Lang, Project Manager, OntarioMD
Kunj Joshi, Standards Coordinator, CIHI
Swetha R. Chakravarthy, Job Developer, Achev

With Special Thanks To:

Canada Health Infoway

Canada Health Infoway

Health Canada

Health Canada

Health Canada

Keith Thompson

Keith Thompson

Primary Care/Virtual Care

Ewan Affleck

Ewan Affleck

Senior Medical Advisor - Health Informatics

College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta



Sime Pavlovic

Sime Pavlovic

Sector Vice President, Ontario Public Sector, Healthcare


Ed Mantler

Ed Mantler

Vice President Programs & Priorities

Mental Health Commission of Canada

Accreditation Canada

Accreditation Canada

Accreditation Canada

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