Meet the Members

Meet the Members

  • Niles Geminiuc

    Siemens Healthineers

  • Larry Sylvestre


  • Liz Nemeth

    Healthtech Consultants

  • Terri LeFort

    Healthtech Consultants

  • Peter Jones


  • Mary Sanagan


  • Scott McMillan

    Cercle Group

  • Leon Salvail

    Gevity Consulting

  • Kyle Schilke


  • John Cousens

    Google Cloud

  • Farrah Pirani

    Google Cloud

  • Peter Smith

    Strata Health Solutions

  • Kevin Jones

    Strata Health Solutions

Niles Geminiuc

Siemens Healthineers

I’m a Senior Healthcare Executive with over 19 years experience in the healthcare technology and medical device space. I have a passion for improving patient outcomes. We can always do better, work smarter and not harder.

Our mandate at Siemens Healthineers is to turn patient data into faster, more accurate diagnoses and more personalized treatments. The executive leadership at Siemens Healthineers has put a significant investment in the Digital Health Portfolio. One example is the acquisition of Canadian companies Medicalis and Conworx. Also, with the emergence of value based care, Siemens Healthineers is improving clinical pathways for both patients and physicians through our AI and Virtual Care solutions.

Digital Health is a great vehicle to be constantly immersed in innovation and new technologies. The CHIEF Executive Forum gives me access to a network of healthcare and digital health peers. It is a robust forum for knowledge transfer and a place to understand new ways of solving problems.

Larry Sylvestre


I joined Amazon Web Services in 2019 as the National Healthcare Leader and I am very privileged to be surrounded by an incredible team of passionate and talented individuals who are helping healthcare customers use the cloud to deliver on their quadruple aim objectives.

For me, one of the delights of the Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Health & Life Sciences practice is that we get to work with a large ecosystem of customers and partners. When we look at the mission or vision of every single organization we work with, they always reference to the word “patient”. That is very important to AWS because the work we are doing with these organizations is intended to benefit people.

Healthcare providers around the world are using AWS to deliver improved care to their patients by reducing the time and effort required to run existing workloads and providing access to powerful new analytics capabilities all while meeting security and privacy requirements.

AWS is helping organizations quickly scale their technology, their infrastructure, and to maintain clinical and operational continuity. Increasing contact centre efficiency with web chatbots and voice conversational agents assists staff to triage patients and it also protects and helps scale clinical staff by providing the ability for remote visits via. AWS technology enables a remote work force and provides a platform for global research and collaboration with its cloud desktop and application streaming solutions. These are so many opportunities for healthcare organizations to work together during this difficult time.

CHIEF Executive Forum provides healthcare stakeholders with a unique opportunity to share ideas, learn from each other, and most importantly, to influence how technology affects the delivery of care in our country.  There is much that can be accomplished with technology but it is incredibly important to listen to those at the front line to ensure that technology improves care rather than being a “cool new capability in search of a problem.”  To me, that’s the value of CHIEF. It is where people and technology intersect so that we can all focus our efforts in the most productive way possible.

Liz Nemeth

Healthtech Consultants

I have over 30 years of healthcare experience, 15 of which I worked in acute healthcare settings as a registered nurse. I joined Healthtech in 2006 as a consultant, and have since moved into management roles and eventually becoming vice president. In my role as VP, I lead the Clinical Services team at Healthtech. I provide senior-level advisory services to our client partners to support our team and clients in achieving successful results related to clinical best practice and standards for electronic documentation, while ensuring clinical transformation is embedded into technology adoption initiatives.

I enjoy working in the digital health space because we have a hand in improving healthcare for all. It’s incredibly rewarding to partner with clients on clinically led technology and advisory projects that transform care delivery for their organizations. I’m problem-solver by nature, so I like helping leaders tackle or avoid potential pitfalls of their digital health projects and ultimately deliver successful outcomes for their organizations and patients.

Terri LeFort

Healthtech Consultants

I started in healthcare over 30 years ago, working as a registered nurse. After 15 years at the bedside, I moved into management. At the time, a few major health IT initiatives were in their infancy across the country. I led several implementations and initiatives that included everything from provincial reporting systems to implementing electronic tools within clinical environments. That work sparked my interest in digital health – specifically, in informatics. It’s also what eventually brought me to Healthtech. I started as a consultant and today I hold the role of President. I chose to work in digital health/health IT consulting because of the impact of the work we do. With every engagement, we’re improving the lives of patients and their families by enabling organizations to use innovative technologies. It’s really rewarding to guide leaders through a successful implementation – getting them to a place where their providers and staff are effectively using technology and data to enhance care delivery.

At Healthtech, we’re passionate about improving healthcare and believe digital health plays an important role in realizing this vision. We also believe an organization’s digital health platform should be designed with its unique people and processes in mind. That’s why we’ve put together a cross-functional team of data, operational, and clinical experts to help healthcare leaders get data where it needs to be, automate intelligently, and empower end users with insights. Our ultimate goal with every digital health project is to enable innovative and efficient care for our client partners.

We joined CHIEF Executive Forum to learn from our industry colleagues who are also working to improve healthcare. This exchange of ideas and best practices is extremely valuable as we navigate complex challenges with our client partners. It’s nice to have the space to discuss and learn from others who may be facing similar obstacles. 

Peter Jones


I currently lead the strategy Microsoft Health industry initiatives in Canada, including defining and articulating the Microsoft vision for the future of Healthcare. In building my career I realized that working in Public Sector allowed me to make a greater impact in society rather than just helping corporations become more profitable. When my journey led me to healthcare, I quickly realized that it was one of the least automated industries and lagged other industries in the use of technology. I have spent the last 10+ years as the Industry Lead for healthcare in Canada. Helping shape and modernize the Canadian healthcare system through better digital health is a passion for me. I am actively involved in a number Health Informatics groups to better network, learn from others and share with ideas with other industry leaders.

We know that technology has a role to play in accelerating progress for solutions to address healthcare concerns and challenges. Looking ahead, we expect to see healthcare organizations continue to use newly implemented technology tools throughout the Covid-19 recovery period and into the new normal. Companies that need to accelerate their digital transformation during this time will continue to rely on trusted partners who can support their trust, security, and technology adoption into the future. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare will make it easier for them to remain agile and focus on what they do best – delivering better experiences, insights, and care.

As we work together to build and transform healthcare it is important to come together as an industry to help shape and modernize the Canadian healthcare system. We know that technology has a role to play in accelerating progress for solutions to address healthcare concerns and challenges. Looking ahead, we expect to see healthcare organizations continue to use newly implemented technology tools throughout the Covid-19 recovery period and into the new normal. Companies that need to accelerate their digital transformation during this time will continue to rely on trusted partners who can support their trust, security, and technology adoption into the future.

Bringing together key technology vendors and health executives helps align, share and influence the necessary changes to improve our health system in Canada.

Mary Sanagan


I began my journey as an undergrad in Microbiology and Immunology in the 90s. After I graduated, I worked at University Health Network in Toronto as a Project Analyst in their Clinical System Project Management Dept. The exposure I got there to project management, clinical informatics, technology, and process re-engineering was a foundation for the work I continue to do each day in the digital health field as a Partner in Deloitte’s Life Sciences and Healthcare Practice. I love the impact our work has on the patient experience and the opportunity to help create a sustainable health system.

Deloitte is a purpose led company, seeking out engagements where we can make an impact that matters. We are one of Canada’s largest professional services firm, and our National Life Sciences and Healthcare Practice is comprised of 250+ seasoned professionals across the country. We have worked with over 300 clients in Canada, including all leading health service providers, regulators, and system-leading health organizations. Our digital health expertise and capabilities support healthcare entities with technology enablement or digital journeys to improve health outcomes, quality and access to care, and the overall citizen experience while decreasing costs.

At CHIEF I have the rare opportunity to meet with my peers in the industry across both public and private organizations to discuss the delivery of health services in a digital world.

Scott McMillan

Cercle Group

Interestingly, my journey to working in digital health started at a very young age; I grew up in hospitals as my mother was a nurse and, later, became a Director of Nursing at a Montreal hospital. As a University student studying Biochemistry, my interest in healthcare grew and I began working in hospitals as both an Operating Room Technician and as a Patient Custodian in mental health wards. After completing my MBA, I began working for what was at the time a big 8 consulting company. My prior experience in healthcare, as well as my educational experience, equipped me for understanding both the technical challenge and the business concerns I was facing. Still, I always had a soft spot for healthcare. I continued working within the business world in technology areas (from SMB’s to a Norwegian multinational) until ultimately returning to healthcare as a consultant in the area of healthcare document management, dealing with software applications that automate the “paper world” of healthcare, Years later, I took the plunge and co-founded Cercle Groupe in Montreal, Quebec with a fully bilingual team.

Cercle Group is the Canadian system integrator for Quest Diagnostics’ fully Integrated Enterprise Content Solutions system. We have an experienced Canadian team including industry professionals with over 20 years of expertise, and have worked closely with Quest Diagnostics for years, offering Professional Services including project management at the level of implementation and application enhancement, consultation and coaching toward the efficient use of Enterprise Content Solutions, training in the administration and control of Enterprise Content Solutions, and in-house development of electronic forms and workflows. Cercle Group is also the Canadian channel partner for Apollo Enterprise Imaging, offering professional services in the areas of enterprise imaging and clinical multimedia management. In short, Cercle Group focuses on the clinical operational aspects of integrating multiple hospital information systems by optimizing business processes and workflows, in both clinical and healthcare administrative environments. Most recently, understanding and appreciating the ongoing importance of continuously growing your knowledge, I’ve completed studies in Artificial Intelligence technologies with MIT.

Cercle Group aspires to improve the healthcare experience of the individual from a digital perspective – this includes patients, clinicians and administrators alike – all while advancing national hospital technology standards and offering top-performing solutions for common obstacles. This includes assisting in accessing and using patient data; knocking down the healthcare silos and the walls of inter-provincial sharing of health care projects and experiences; making the patient the center of their journey; using AI to more efficiently manage and predict healthcare outcomes; and using our operational clinical experience to improve the success of deployments in healthcare technology projects.

CHIEF Executive Forum is a safe place to listen and express difficult healthcare issues with other healthcare leaders and influencers. It allows me to reflect and assure that Cercle Group is in-tune with the needs of the Canadian healthcare industry and enables all members to express their points of view for an overall collective learning.

CHIEF equally aligns with my belief on the importance of a life of continuous learning. CHIEF members constitute an intelligent group that I admire, and I greatly appreciate the learnings that I take away from every event. And, of course, CHIEF serves as a great time-out from daily operational challenges. It’s truly a fresh experience, every time!

Leon Salvail

Gevity Consulting

In 1995, I was one of the founders of Global Village Consulting, a firm which would ultimately become the oldest predecessor of Gevity Consulting. Our pivot to healthcare in 2004 came after I experienced the health system firsthand due to a difficult health issue. My journey to recovery took several years and involved many surgeries as well as a long road of rehabilitation. During this time, I learned about all of the strengths in our health system but also the challenges. I was shocked at how primitive some of the use of technology was within the system at that time, and, in particular, the lack of interoperability between the many applications used to manage and coordinate care. I was convinced that the rigor and best practice from other industries could help accelerate our journey towards digital health and wanted to contribute to this work professionally and through our firm.

Interestingly, after over 15 years in the trenches, it’s clear that the journey is an ongoing one and that technological innovation is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for transformation. Our role is to exploit technology and use it to work with providers and administrators to optimize service delivery, quality and engagement. It is our fundamental belief that “digital health” can positively transform the experience for patients and providers alike.

CHIEF Executive Forum is a unique private/public sector partnership where all voices are equal. It’s an open, respectful forum to explore and debate critical issues on the use of digital technologies to transform healthcare.

Kyle Schilke


In 1999, I moved to Toronto to begin my career in technology, my first role was supporting customers in Atlantic Canada – some of whom I still work with today nearly 25 years later. I continue to see digital health making a difference in the lives of Canadians. That’s perhaps the most rewarding part of my career, seeing how changes in technology have had a profound impact on healthcare in Canada. Now, with cloud services, I see those changes expedited and making a difference in this country and globally.

I have been a long-time supporter of CHIEF. As a member of the CHIEF Executive Forum, I am passionate about learning from and collaborating with our customers to help build solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of the Canadian healthcare space.

As a member of the CHIEF Executive Forum, I am passionate about learning from and collaborating with our customers to help build solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of the Canadian healthcare space.

John Cousens

Google Cloud

As a business leader managing the Public Sector in Canada, its key to understand our healthcare system, the unique IT ecosystem that supports it and how to be a contributing member. I’m passionate about bringing Google’s investment in healthcare into this Canadian ecosystem.

Google is coming to market in Canada with a dedicated healthcare team of business and engineering resources that will be leveraging our R&D efforts in Canada and the US. Our unique investments in data science, AI, genomics, and critical computing infrastructure are all available to the broader healthcare ecosystem in Canada via this team.

We joined the CHIEF Executive Forum to have direct access to the leaders making decisions about Canada’s healthcare future. , hear more about the struggles they’re facing, and support them where they need it. Our goal is to help Canada’s health systems with their digital transformation through the adoption of cloud solutions for faster, more innovative, and secure delivery of patient care.

Farrah Pirani

Google Cloud

Google Cloud is working to accelerate every healthcare and life sciences organization’s ability to digitally transform and reimagine their business through data-powered innovation and CHIEF Executive Forum has been a great platform and fits well with our mission.

As a Healthcare Account Executive at Google Cloud Canada I serve as a single point of contact for Google services. Google’s mission – and, subsequently, mine – is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Applying that to healthcare information within the cloud, it’s about organizing the world’s healthcare information, making it accessible, secure, and useful by all to improve the health and healthcare of people and communities globally.

We’re applying deep industry knowledge to help meet the toughest challenges while protecting confidential healthcare data. Healthcare has been a top priority of Google for many years.

Google has made it part of our mission to work with organizations like the CHIEF Executive Forum to expand access to quality care and improve health outcomes across Canada.

Peter Smith

Strata Health Solutions

Before joining Strata Health, I worked for small technology startups spanning a broad spectrum of industries, technologies, and roles for most of my 25-year career. Through these diverse experiences, my understanding of business intelligence, analytics and information technology deepened, which ultimately fuelled my curiosity to explore how technology can transform the healthcare landscape.

In 2013, I joined Strata Health as the Vice President of Information Technology, working to achieve dramatic patient flow improvements within health systems. By July 2019, I was named President and CEO. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of leading a global team of innovators, healthcare practitioners and business professionals who believe in digital health and the powerful opportunity we have to make a big difference in the lives of patients and providers.

The CHIEF Executive Forum provides a venue for dialogue with some of the top digital health leaders from across Canada. As a member for the past five years, I’ve enjoyed collaborating with other senior professionals and leaders, discussing stories and challenges, and offering solutions.

Kevin Jones

Strata Health Solutions

I started with Strata Health out of university, answering support calls. During that time, I developed great respect and compassion for healthcare workers, which nurtured my commitment to providing value through technology. Strata Health’s vision of improving patient care, reducing healthcare costs, and supporting healthcare workers through technology aligned with my personal values. As my career progressed at the company, so did my passion for digital health solutions.

Today, as the Vice President of Client Development and Strategic Partnerships at Strata Health, my priority is to better understand the high-level challenges our healthcare system faces so that I can work with other technology innovators in the industry to solve them.

My passion for digital health has grown through my work, leading to international travel to work with health systems beyond our country’s borders and connections with organizations like Digital Health Canada, CHIEF, and ANHIX.

CHIEF provides an essential venue for discussing challenges, brainstorming solutions, and interacting with peers at a senior level in Canadian healthcare. The pan-Canada membership enables the group to share successes and failures, ultimately advancing digital health for all Canadians.